Note: New cbox! Since the existing one is expired (due to paypal issue), im taking this opportunity to upgrade to the new cbox. cBox is not a free service. funds the monthly subscription so everybody can use this chat for free! is getting threats by a cbox user. The abusive emails is making us rethink if the cBox investment is worth it or not. Will decide by next month the cbox subscription expires again.


This is not a support chatroom. If you need help in regards on the site itself, feel free to contact us here and we will get back to you. The chatbox is not moderated by Policing is done by the cBox mods and is not responsible for any user ban or other mod actions.

If you would like to support us, use as your filesharing service. We will try to periodically reupload other filesharing links posted in cbox onto whenever we can. So you do not need to pay for other filesharing service just to download. Why support other filesharing service when fights for you and is for the remix community? The best part of it all file uploads will never expire or be deleted.

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